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About YouBundle

YouBundle was formed in Q4 2007 by a partnership dedicated to bringing order to the social chaos of the internet. The premise of YouBundle is so simple, yet up until now, nobody has put effectively into practice. Think link page 2.0

The idea is that you select a subject - Any subject that you know something about. You then arrange relevant links on this subject into a bundle. This can include videos or photos as well.

Other people, instead of having to go to Google and filter through dozens of pages of irrelevant results, can come straight to your Bundle and get your executive summary of the subject mater. They can then rate your bundle for quality so that based on their rating it can gain more or less exposure.

The power of YouBundle rests in the user. If You have knowledge or interest in a subject, then go ahead and make a bundle. Also after viewing others bundles, make sure to rate and tag the bundle so that we know if it is good or not.

To learn more about YouBundle please visit our Tutorials page.

We can be contacted via email at our Contact form (we read and respond fast).