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YouBundle - Frequently Answered Questions

Q: How do I add a link to a bundle?
A: Simply copy the URL from the browser bar into the Add link section and we will do the rest

Q: How do I add a Video or Photo?
A: For YouTube or Flickr just add the url of the hosting page of video or photo and we will do the rest (no need to add embedded code). For JPG, GIFs and other photo formats found on the web - you can goto the actual source of the image so it would be www.website.com/image/flower.jpg - get us the url where it is only the image showing and enter this

Q: I Added a photo to my bundle, but when I click on it I do not get to see the photo and end up at some other page
A: Unfortunately some websites have security controls in place that do not allow direct linking to their images. There is no way in good faith that we can get around this so if this is the case, we recommend that you delete the link directly to the photo and re-add the link as the web page that is hosting the photo

Q: Why do I need three links to publish?
A: Because three makes a bundle! If you don't think you have enough links, but really want to publish or just want to embelish your bundle, we recommend you goto YouTube or Flickr and do some searches and add the most relevant content. Remember you need to make your bundle to impress as people will be watching and rating.

Q: I finished my bundle, but it is not showing up
A: Make sure you actually published your bundle by clicking the 'Publish' button on the edit page.

Q: Why should I tag other peoples bundles
A: When you tag you help the community by better helping to categorize the bundle in question. Also you create on your own page a personal Tag cloud of bundles you have tagged, so you will always have a point of easy access to that bundle.

Q: I want to view the videos in a bigger window - how do I do that?
A: Simply click on the title and it will take you directly to the video site to view.

Q: Why when I click to play the YouTube video on the page does it give me a black screen.
A: Some YouTube videos are set to disallow embedding. You have to click though on the video title to goto the YouTube site to view.

Q: How Do I EDIT my Bundle?
A: Make sure you are Logged in and first go and VIEW your Bundle. Then on the top near the title should be a big link that says (EDIT). Click that and there you go. You can Add, Remove or Edit links or information in the bundle.

Q: I dont want anybody else to see my bundle?
A: Go to Edit your Bundle (You must be logged in first) and scroll to the bottom and there is "Bundle Options" click this and mark your Bundle as private

Q: I suggested a Link for a Bundle- but I dont see my link
A: The Link will appear to the owner of the Bundle next time they login and they can then review and chose to accept the Link. If they accept you will get credit in the Bundle and you will also recieve a notice that tells you the link has been accepted. If they do nothing or reject your link, you will not receive notice.

Q: I added a Flickr Photo - Why is the thumbnail not showing up.
A: Some Flickr photos are set to only be viewd by people that are logged in, for this reason we are unable to grab and show you the thumbnail.

Q: I added a Flickr Photo and it showed the Thumbnail and when I came back today it no longer showed?
A: Try to Delete and Re-add the link. Sometimes Flickr moves things around.

Q: SmugMug is grabbing the wrong thumbnail for the photo I added?
A: For whatever reason, to get the right thumbnail from Smugmug, make sure to add the url when you are looking at it in Gallery View. If you are on a page with only the photo - then it may grab the wrong thumb.

Q: How do I stop getting emails from YouBundle?
A: Goto your Profile page at click on email options. Simply uncheck the boxes of emails that you do not wish to recieve.

Q: I really want to learn more information on a subject, but there are no bundles on it yet
A: One way is you can take this oppertunity to educate yourself about the subject and actually make your own bundle. Spend a few minutes searching on the web, video and photo sites and find the best links and make the bundle yourself. Become the expert. The other way is to find a user who seems knowledgeable about a related subject and send them a Message requesting them to Bundle on that subject.

Q: I uploaded bookmarks/delicious and they are not showing up in my link bucket?
A: Uploading, especailly large files can take time. We will send you an email when the process is complete

Q: I uploaded bookmarks/delicious and some of the bookmarks are misssing from my link bucket?
A: One possible reason is that our system checks all bookmarks to make sure that they comply with YouBundle terms of service. Meaning if they were on the subject of pornogrphy or online gambling to name a few then the system would have automatically rejected them. If it is a link that you beleive complies to our Terms of Service, then try to add it manually and see the next question

Q: Why do I have to specify a Tag when importing my Delicious Bookmarks?
A: This has to do with internal issue that happen when people try to import very large delicious accounts. For now it will be best to import your delicious via tag so that you have the links ready to go and add to a bundle. This may change in the future if we recieve enough user feedback.

Q: Help - The system won't let me add a link. It says it violates Terms of Service
A: Certain links are not allowed on YouBundle. Though sometimes we do make mistakes and mark a good link as banned. If you beleive your link is kosher, then click the dispute button and we will review and possibily add it to the system.

Q: Help - I try to add a link and it just hangs indefinitley and nothing happens.
A: We have this problem with a few links due to internal issues. If this happens please send us the link to bugs@youbundle.com and we can sort out the problem in order to optimize your experience

Q: What is "The Bundler"
A: The Bundler is a Bookmarklet that goes in your toolbar. Whenever you are on a web page that you like, simply click on The Bundler and and it will add the link to either your Link Bucket or one of your exsisting Bundles

Q: What is my Link Bucket?
A: The Link Bucket is the place where all your links go that are not assigned to bundles. You can add links to your bucket manually on the page, through The Bundler, or this is where links first show up when you import Bookmark Files

Q: I added 3 links already - why can't I publish my bundle?
A: This is a bug in the programming that still pops up occasionally and we are trying to resolve. If this happens, just refresh the page and it should work. If you get this bug, contact us to tell us about what you were doing and it will help us in trying to fix it.

Q: Why won't my photo upload.
A: Most common reason is that you selected your photo, but did not click the Upload button.

Q: I Did that and it is still not uploading
A: Then it may be a Large photo you are trying to upload. You will have to wait for it to upload or better yet, just reduce the file size and upload the smaller photo