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Flip Minohd Video Camera 101

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  1. guitarhoodFlip Mino Picture
    I finally got the Flip Mino! After a few hours of testing, I can confidently say that this gadget rocks! Both hardware and software are well made and I have not encountered any problems recording and sending video to someone online. Video and sound are great. Of course it does not compete with more expensive HD video cameras but for the price and size, this is worth having. A very simple, no frills, very portable, it goes wherever I go, video camera. I originally got this so that I can record short videos to send to my son but it looks like I will be using this for other things as well. www.silverph.com PS, I got that flimsy tripod from Scott Sherman of "The Digital Photography Show Podcast" . Turns out to be handy for the Flip Mino!
    on 07/02/2009
    By: guitarhood



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