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Flip Minohd Video Camera 101

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  1. guitarhoodFlip Mino Capture vs. Nikon S50 Video Capture
    This Picture shows us Why I highly recommend Flip Minos. The top image is a still capture from the Flip Mino, and the bottom is from the Nikon S50. I ran both cameras. The Flip video produced a 640X480 AVI file that was about 35 MB. The Nikon produced a 320X240 MOV file that was the same size. Conclusion - the Flip produces much superior video. UPDATE: I just discovered that my Nikon has a 640X320 mode (after all this time). While the quality in that mode is much improved, the sound quality does not improve, the size of the file is doubled, and the amount of video time is cut in half.
    on 07/02/2009
    By: guitarhood



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