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  1. cleanerlifeGIMP Quick Tricks: The Fuzzy Select Tool
    If you are new to GIMP, and wondering what the Fuzzy Select Tool is, it is like the Magic Wand in Photoshop. With it, you can select similar areas of a layer or image base on color.It is best suited for solid color areas, depending on the threshold setting, it can actually skip over small gaps in your image and select areas that aren't touching each other.It can be a fun tool to use, how well it works depends on which part of the image you click, if your first selection doesn't look right, undo it and try clicking a different spot.It can also get frustrating trying to get it to select every part you want without selecting extra bits you didn't want, experienced users tend to work more with the Path Select and Color Select tools.
    on 03/08/2010
    By: cleanerlife



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