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  1. q4061Ambassador Oren: Israeli-US relations are just
    Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, in an interview Sunday with CNN, didn't say that everything between the Obama Administration was hunky-dory, peachy-keen and simply splendid. He was briefer than that.Reporter Candy Crowley challenged him: I literally need a one-word answer. The state of U.S.- Israeli relations is... Great, Oren replied. That answer also can be characterized in one word: diplomacy. Oren, who just a month ago, in a closed briefing to Israeli envoys, described the current tensions as being the worst in 35 years, also said that conditions for renewing peace talks with the Palestinians are fine and dandy. There has been 16 years of negotiations with the Palestinians, including two cases where Israeli prime ministers put complete peace plans on the table, including Jerusalem, Oren said. And throughout that entire period of peace-making, Israel's policy on Jerusalem remained unchanged. He tried to make the case that direct talks were the key, even though the PA leadership has refused to enter them, and now conditions even indirect talks on a complete building freeze in Israel's capital, Jerusalem. We feel that now we should proceed directly to peace negotiations without a change in policy, Oren added. We understand that Jerusalem will be one of the core issues discussed in those peace negotiations, but the main issue is to get the peace negotiations started. We are waiting for the Palestinians to join us at the table. So far, they have not done so. He also addressed the dispute between Israel and the U.S. over construction in East Jerusalem, saying that any Jew or Arab has the right to build legally in Jerusalem, as in any other city in the country. That's our policy, Oren said. The policy is not going to change. He added: But we understand - we understand that Jerusalem is sensitive.
    on 04/05/2010
    By: q4061



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