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  1. thefluffanuttaWhich Wii Games Are Best For Kids?
    Finding the best Wii games for kids is often a chore. You have to sift through a bunch of duds to find the diamonds. This lens is for parents who want to know about the best and greatest games.
    on 07/28/2010
    By: thefluffanutta

  2. thefluffanuttaThe Best Wii Games For Kids
    Here's a list of best Wii games for kids listed in order of age-accessibility, not in order of quality, rating, or recommendation. Games have been chosen that weren't too difficult - so kids wouldn't get easily frustrated, it wouldn't cause fights, nor constantly need adult supervision or assistance. Some of these games might also be enjoyable for grown ups too, though most of them are specifically aimed at children.
    on 04/09/2010
    By: thefluffanutta



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