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Bootstrap Your Life!

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  1. smangeBootstrap Your Life
    So, what's this? I'm trying to help people to bootstrap their lives and get on with the big things that really matter. Too many people are stuck in a rut, trying to make ends meet and unable to pull themselves out into a world where they can achieve their dreams.I just try to help. I write a blog on how to bootstrap your life and I'm collecting ideas and useful links for people here and at delicious.I think of life as a project and use project management ideas to get from start to finish. I've documented a step-by-step plan for bootstrapping your life systematically.I want to help people to find out who they are and do all that they can with themselves. I have spent a lot of time researching how you finally work out what it is you should do with your life. I believe it's something people really want to be able to find out and that the more useful information on the topic out there the better.I really want to see as many people as possible caring about the important stuff. I would love to inspire the masses towards doing something with their lives rather than watching TV. Anything I can do here I will. The more people off their butts doing interesting things the better place this world will be.I also put a lot of thought into what sort of life skills aren't taught properly in schools, such as skills that require rote learning, regular practice and anything that is required to become a well-rounded self-sufficient person.
    on 04/10/2010
    By: smange



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