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  1. graythTRX Suspension Trainer Professional - Free Shipping and Great Price
    The TRX Suspension Trainer Professional Kit is the best body weight fitness tool any one can workout too. The TRX suspension is basically a gym in a bag.Tie your TRX to a tree, a Soccer Post, and if your indoors simply use a door, either way the TRX trainer works. Developed by a Navy Seal this fitness training system utilizes the flexibility and versatility of body weight exercises into a compact piece of fitness equipment that you can pack and take anywhere.In fact the TRX Suspension trainer was even featured and used on the hit TV Show the Biggest Loser and let me tell you this thing works!So forget the gym and expensive pieces of fitness equipment buy the gym in a bag TRX suspension system and you'll instantly see how easy it is to get a great workout without paying for a gym membership.
    on 04/22/2010
    By: grayth


    • Fitness Equipment
      Created by: grayth
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