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  1. qualinfoAlgae Control / String Algae Control
    String algae are also known as filamentous algae, hair algae, blanket weed and pond scum. It is caused by a filamentous species of algae, which grow in long strands. These algae eventually tangle together, forming thick mats that can double their weight within 24 hours. They tend to adhere to rocks and waterfalls, which can be unpleasant.Though string algae are not recognized for directly creating health problems for fish but they cause problems with water clearness and to the overall appearance of the pond. For this reason most people try to remove the algae by a variety of methods. Products such as Green Clean Algaecide can be used for control of green water algae blooms, blanketweed, string algae, and hair algae.Please visit http://www.pondmerchant.com/algae-control/ for other algae control products. You may also call Pond Merchant for your other pond water treatment needs. Experience how they can help you create your beautiful pond and water garden now!
    on 10/01/2010
    By: qualinfo


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