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YouBundle - Revenue Sharing

Hi Bundlers. Did you know that you can earn money using your YouBundle account? All you need to do is go to your Profile page and input your Google Adsense, and Amazon Affiliates. You can also input your Google Analytics code for easy tracking of all your Bundles.

What we do is every time your Bundle is shown, we include your affiliate codes a certain percentage of the time. The More you Bundle, the more your can earn. It will also be very helpful to include your Google Analytics Tracking Code. That way you can keep track of who is visiting your Bundle and what they are doing. Just input your code and you can track your Bundle stats on your Google Analytics Dashboard. If you don't have a YouBundle account yet, then go Ahead and sign up here.

Remember that you aren't going to get rich off of any single Bundle. But if you can find a steady formula to create quality Bundles, then you will find that over time your earnings will add up substantially. It will also help you to submit your Bundle to various social media sites and create back-links to your Bundle so as to increase its standings in the search engine rankings.

If you have any other questions they should be answered in the video below or on the detailed tutorials on your Profile Page