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I'm a writer who lives in Central Illinois. For the last five years, I have been distilling memories into fiction. Most of these experiences were imprinted on my mind when I was a wandering teenage hoodlum. I continue to shape and reshape these memories; the characters follow me through life, and they're always changing. I look at this project based on my alter ego, Lethe Bashar, to be a work of archeology.

The Novel of Life is a fiction project that uses interlinked blogs to follow the life of one person in story form. The various sites represent different nodes from which the main character’s life branches out. There is no site that begins the “grand narrative”. There is only embedded text, histories, scenes, episodes, and linkages.

My latest project is working with the Argentinean artist and illustrator Gerardo Gonzalez. Lethe’s Comic of Life is a graphic novel based upon the Las Vegas stories in the Novel of Life.

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