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I live in Pai with Buti and our Akha Family

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Cool People and Things (1 Bundles)

    • Buti's Akha hilltribe store
      In the small village of Pai in northern thailand,lives Buti ... [more]
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Animals and Natural Things (1 Bundles)

    • Akha Hill Tribe People
      I live in northern Thailand with Buti and the Akha Hill Trib... [more]
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#1 amysuesh on 2010-01-25 03:44:47
Hi there. I am very interested in the Akha hill tribe and they sound really fascinating. I really want to stay in their village and experience their beautiful culture without doing the usual tour group routine. Is it possible for me (my group is about 4-5pax all family members) to stay with the tribe in their village? Would appreciate your advice. Thanks so much. My email is amysuesh@yahoo.com

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