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YouBundle Webmaster Guidelines

Updated 3/30/09

Webmaster Basics

Greetings Fellow Webmaster! You know that we are webmasters too so we understand that you want promote your site and gain exposure for multiple sources.

As you may know, YouBundle is an exceptional resource for building backlinks and traffic,but only if you do it the right way.

First lets talk about the Wrong way to make a Bundle to promote your site.

Lets say you have an online store that sells cowboy hats. A BAD Bundle would be one that has

  • a link to your homepage
  • a link to your “About us” page
  • a link to one of your hat pages.
  • Bundles like this do no good and get dumped and not-followed.

However an example of a GREAT Bundle, still using your same site but Titled “Cowboy Hat History and Resources”

In this Bundle you would of course include first

  • a link to your homepage with your desired anchor text
  • You would then maybe include some links pointing to OTHER sites about the history of Cowboy Hats,
  • maybe you could include a picture of John Wayne
  • possibly a Video of a Cowboy hat TV ad from the 60's

If you make a great Bundle like this, it will gain exposure and get-followed. And more importantly it will become an “Internet Resource” on the subject matter. So that it will be known as a resource and go to point for information on Cowboy Hats and ohh look – your site just happens to be there as the first link! Get the idea? Good.

Well you get the point. YouBundle is NOT a link directory. A Bundle is a multimedia comprehensive view on a subject. If you need ideas, look at the Bundles on our home page. Most of them are great holistic views on the Subject.

On Bumps and Follows

Everybody wants more exposure and if you are a webmaster, you want your link to be followed. When we started YouBundle, all our links were followed, however we had to quickly change this and create a follow algorithm. Currently there is a superuser named HOT BUNDLE. Http://www.youbundle.com/u/hotbundle

Hot bundle is a monitored algorithm that takes 38 pieces of criteria into account. When she Bumps your Bundle – 2 things will happen

  • Your Bundle gets promoted to the YouBundle homepage and gains significant exposure
  • All links in your Bundle are permanently followed to give you good backlink juice.

Some hints on how to impress Hot Bundle are

  • Upload a great looking thumbnail
  • Include quality cross site content to create an information resource. Meaning from many different sites (not just yours!)
  • Include multimedia in your Bundle (Videos, photos, documents)
  • Use the Embed Code to Embed a Widget of your Bundle in your Website.
  • Submit it to social media sites such as Stumble Upon or Digg to get more traffic.
  • More Bumps!

For the Affiliate and Bum Marketer

Hey we all want to make money on the Internet and we want to help you. This is something that we have deeply considered and are happy to announce that Direct Affiliate Links ARE allowed now at YouBundle.

But Wait. Don't get too excited. We need to do a few things to make sure that the quality remains.

  • Just like the Webmaster guidelines – its ok to use affiliate links, but try to make an informative resource on the subject matter.
  • This is not a link directory. Meaning that a link to your affiliate offer and then a link to an alternate landing page and a picture of your dog is not acceptable.
  • Create a resource. Include videos, pictures and more and also happen to include your affiliate links
  • You can use YouBundle to create mini-comparison sites. Say you are comparing 5 different sites that let you print your own tee-shirt. You can do your mini-reviews of each site and include your Affiliate link to each of them
  • You may want to consider also making a Best-of list. Say That I want to make a list of my top 10 Nintendo Wii Games. I can do this and include my Amazon affiliate code within these links.
  • One thing that we do prohibit is affiliate links to email submits or fake survey feeders
  • Please keep in mind on the TOS that Adult/Gaming/Pharmz is ALWAYS PROHIBITED and we closely monitor the subjects of mortgage, loans, credit cards, weight loss, grants, ringtones, surveys, forex and make money systems/ebooks and will enforce some sort of quality control on these subjects (meaning the Bundle better look very nice and comprehensive if is on any of these subjects).

Since allowing affiliate links opens up the flood gates in terms of quality control, we will be monitoring closely all Bundles that include affiliate links. We will be a little more tough on the quality guidelines and will undoubtedly have to delete a few. When creating your affiliate bundle, ask yourself if you are creating a quality resource. If the answer is yes, then we will probably agree.

(please also note that we reserve the right to revise these terms of service if this gets out of hand - so play nice)

And Lastly Revenue Sharing

If that was all not enough we have in place a powerful Revenue Sharing system.

This allows you to earn from your Bundle, just for creating a great piece of Content. Go to our Revenue Sharing Page for more information.